Public Safety

Public Safety


Welcome to Dixie State University. The Dixie State University Security and Campus Police Department is an accredited state police agency, having been recognized as a government entity and receiving all rights and powers by authority of the Utah State Penal Code, (53B-3-105). As such the department maintains rights and authority to enforce all campus rules, city ordinances, and state and federal criminal statutes.

Our Mission Statement

“It is our goal to prevent crime and to provide emergency services of all types. We believe that our presence, interventions, and vigilance can protect promising young lives, and by providing a peaceful and safe environment in which to live and learn we are able to personally contribute to the students’ ability to attain their academic, career, social, and general life goals; therefore promoting hopes of peace and prosperity for a generation that will inherit a society that our forefathers worked so hard to provide.”

“This office is dedicated first and foremost to the protection of persons and property. We are committed to protecting the freedom of individuals and to maintaining a peaceful and safe environment by which to work and learn. We believe that this nations system of higher education is vitally important to preparing it’s youth to become responsible and contributing citizens. We therefore believe that learning to respect the rights of others and understanding that the violation of those rights can bring negative consequences is an important lesson to be learned at this stage of life. We also believe such wisdom is as important to the personal development of the individual as it is to the protection of the social fabric of our country”.

“We follow the guidelines of the community policing philosophy and remind ourselves that the logo: ‘to serve and to protect’, means just that. It is our belief that the opportunities to provide service are far more frequent and every bit as important as the responsibility to protect. Our officers know that it is their responsibility to be of assistance, and to be helpful and approachable at all times”.


Students, faculty, staff, and visitors can reach our officers by calling 911 in the case of an emergency. If a situation does not actually rise to the level of an imminent emergency they may speak to one of our officers by calling the office; 435 652-7515, or calling the duty phone; 435 619-1144.