Helpful Links

Helpful Links

Dixie State University Wellness Center

Dixie State University has a wellness center for students. The Wellness Center offers many services to students. Some of the services are alcohol/drug programs required by students cited for any alcohol/drug offenses. Medical & Counseling vouchers are available to those that meet the requirements (ie; vouchers for instacare, Dove Center, etc.).

St George Police Badge

St. George City Police

Dixie State College in is the city limits of St. George and both agencies work together in assisting each other.

Justice Court

Most citations and arrests go to the Justice Court. This is where someone goes to take care of traffic tickets as well as most minor offenses like alcohol and tobacco tickets.

Washington County

Utah Sex Offender Search

The Utah Sex Offender Search maintains a database of addresses for registered sex offenders. Use this site to determine if sex offenders are living in your area.