Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Policy & Procedure

If you’ve lost something on campus, check in with the closest building to where you think you’ve lost your property and you can claim it from the building’s receptionist.

If your item has been lost for more than two weeks, you can then check in with Dixie State University Security Office and claim your property there.

When lost property is brought to the security office, it is then cataloged and locked in their evidence room until claimed or until such a time that it is deemed that the item(s) in question will not be claimed.

The following are protocols regarding the maximum time certain items will be held:

  • Jewelry and watches are kept indefinitely.
  • Clothing is kept for one year and then donated to Deseret Industries.
  • Money is tagged and locked in a safe and may only be claimed by the person who found it if it goes unclaimed for one year.
  • Other items are kept until a determination can be made as to whether or not they can be put to use (such as donating calculators to students that can’t afford one or allowing local scout troops to fix up bicycles that go unclaimed for more than two years to be given to needy children for Christmas).