Police Patch Project and Personnel

Police Patch Project


Veterans Day/4th of July/Memorial Day

Partnered with DSU Veterans Club


Autism Awareness Month

Partnered with DSU Disability Resource Center


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Partnered with Intermountain Healthcare Cancer Center


Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Partnered with the DSU Health & Wellness Center & DOVE Center


Standard DSUPD Shoulder Patch

The bison head Patch

Partnered with DSU Athletics


Domestic Violence Awareness

Partnered with the Dove Center


President's Seal Patch

Partnered with DSU Academics


Challenge Coin

DSUPD’s first department challenge coin




Display image of Blair Barfuss

Blair Barfuss

Chief of Police / Director of Public Safety

Email: Blair.Barfuss@dixie.edu

Display image of Ron Bridge

Ron Bridge


Email: Ron.Bridge@dixie.edu

Display image of Ola Kaonohi

Ola Kaonohi


Email: Ola.Kaonohi@dixie.edu

Display image of Joe Deim

Joe Deim


Email: Joseph.Deim@dixie.edu

Display image of Matthew Cochran

Matthew Cochran

Police Officer II

Email: Matthew.Cochran@dixie.edu

Display image of Wes LiCalzi

Wes LiCalzi


Email: Wes.LiCalzi@dixie.edu

Display image of Juan Fulgencio-Milan

Juan Fulgencio-Milan

Police Officer II

Email: Juan.Fulgencio-Milan@dixie.edu

Display image of Dan Hayes

Dan Hayes

Police Officer II

Email: Dan.Hayes@dixie.edu

Display image of Teresa Starnes

Teresa Starnes

Police Records & Security Manager

Email: Teresa.Starnes@dixie.edu

Message from the Chief

Dixie State University’s Department of Public Safety is here to Protect, Serve, and Educate our Trailblazer community. Working in partnership with students, staff, faculty, and our DSU community, we strive to provide a safe and secure environment for all.

At Dixie State University, public safety is a shared responsibility. The DSU community plays a vital role in helping keep our campus safe. We encourage you to report anything concerning immediately.

The Dixie State University Police Department (DSUPD) is certified by the State of Utah, and is the only university police department in Utah accredited by the Utah Chiefs of Police Association. All DSUPD police officers are certified through Utah’s Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST). Every officer receives forty or more hours of annual in-service and specialized training. Areas of training include situational de-escalation, implicit bias, crime prevention and awareness, first aid, firearms, defensive tactics, legal updates, evidence gathering, criminal and civil investigations, and many others.

It is our privilege and honor to serve you. We look forward to making your time with us at Dixie State University enjoyable and safe.

Blair Barfuss Signature
Blair L. Barfuss
Chief of Police

Officer Feedback Form

For officer feedback, (including commendation & complaints) please fill out this form.

Feedback Form

Student Housing Liason Program

The Student Housing Liaison program was created to develop partnerships with all on-campus and off-campus student housing complexes. This partnership is focused on building strong relationships with students, housing managers, and Dixie State University’s police department.

Open communication is vital and necessary to effectively address safety concerns, problematic issues and violations of law. The Student Housing Liaison officer works with everyone involved, to maintain a safe and secure housing environment for all.

Officer Joseph Deim is the department’s Student Housing Liaison program administrator. He can be reached by email at joseph.deim@dixie.edu.

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