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Security will only respond to calls on the Dixie State University Campus for the following services. The on-duty security cell phone number is (435) 236-4000. Any calls outside of the campus and all police response requests need to be directed to the Saint George Police Non-emergency Dispatch number: (435) 627-4300.

Pay CitationsParking Services

DSU Security provides the following services without charge:

Emergency Alerts

Messages are sent via phone, text and email. Students, faculty and staff phone numbers are in the Instant Alert Plus database pulled from MyDixie accounts. To add a cell phone number or other number to the system please follow these instructions.

Lost and Found

If you believe your phone was stolen, please follow the guide in the link below.

If an item of value has been lost, fill out the lost and found form above. If the item is turned in, an officer will contact the owner to schedule a time to retrieve the item. If an item of value is found, deliver the item to the lost and found drop box in the Campus Police office (available 24/7) or contact an officer to pick-up the item from a location on campus.

Security Escort

If a student, staff, or faculty member feels unsafe walking alone on campus, an officer will respond to their location and escort them to their on-campus destination.


In the event a student, staff, or faculty member is locked out of a building/room or their vehicle, an officer will assist in providing access once valid photo identification and authorization is produced.


In the event the vehicle of a student, staff, or faculty member will not start, an officer will respond to the location and attempt to jumpstart the vehicle.


Our department provides Livescan submissions, driving privilege cards, and printed cards. Please schedule an appointment below. Pay the $20 fee with a card payment below or with cash or check at the appointment.

If you are involved with Americorps, the EMS program, or POST academy, do not pay for fingerprints.

Bring a valid form of identification, any paperwork involving fingerprinting, and a payment receipt (unless associated with the groups named above.) EMS Students must bring a LiveScan Authorization form, which will be emailed once you pay your fees at:

To reschedule, cancel, or make an appointment on a day not designated on the website, call 435-236-4000 or email

The parking spaces marked as "campus police" can be utilized for fingerprinting appointments.

Schedule an AppointmentPay for Fingerprints