Public Safety

Lost and Found

Lost and Found

If you have lost an item, please fill out the following sections. The Department of Public Safety will contact you and schedule a time for you to retrieve the item if found. The lost and found items stored will be limited to the following selection. If you have lost an item not listed below, try contacting the building closest to where you might have been when the item went missing. All student ID cards will be returned to the book store for retrieval. All DixieOne cards will be returned to the fifth floor Holland office for retrieval.

if you have lost multiple items, fill out a new submission for each one. Do not fill out a separate report for items in a wallet, only one report for the lost wallet should be made.

If you have found a lost item, please stop by the Dixie State University Campus Police office, located in the North/Eastern corner of the Burns Arena, to deliver it to an officer. If you are on campus, an officer can come retrieve the item from you. Since we are frequently called out of the office, feel free to call (435)236-4000 for our security phone to contact an officer. Please refer to our office times when attempting to contact security.

Items turned in will be stored for a minimum of 90 days, after which time the security department will donate or destroy the items.